Q:  Why do you guys have such odd store hours?

A: We are open 24 hours, just not all in a row!  But seriously both Mark and Jerry have “real” fulltime jobs in addition to running the shop.  Mark works for a non-profit housing rehabilitation organization while Jerry works and teaches at a local college. So sometimes it may take a bit to get back to you – don’t worry we are worth the wait. Our store hours are odd but they are regular. But if you are coming in from out of town always good to call ahead, as we do several shows/displays a year. Although even on those days we try to keep the shop open.  We have odd hours, but they are regular, and we are worth it.


Q: Do you buy military items? Do you buy collections?

We are Always Buying! We are constantly looking for additional items to add to our inventory and our own collection. We will purchase anything from 1 item to an entire estate collection. We will also travel to buy collections.

Q: Where do you guys find all of this stuff?

A: We have a working example of a WWII German Mk. V flux-capacitor that allows us to travel back in time to find most of our items.   But seriously, we are constantly working and scouring the country to buy military items from estates, auctions, rummage sales and shows. But the main bulk of our inventory comes from walk-in and web site clients looking to sell their items and collections to us.


Q: Can you tell me what my item is worth?  I want to know if it is worth bringing in.

A: We are happy to provide verbal valuations along with a cash offer.  But we really need to see the item in person before we can do so.  We are also called upon from time to time to appraise collections for estate probate, divorce or other reasons.  As those types of written appraisals have much stricter criteria and involve much more time, we do charge industry standard fees for conducting professional appraisals. Contact us for more details.


Q: Why should I sell my items to you?

A: We take great pride in being fair and honest with our customers. While many dealers “shoot people in the toes” and offer low prices, we have found that being up font with people about what we will sell and what we can pay has worked well for us.  We are honest, fair, professional and confidential. We have many great references from our past clients and believe that word of mouth advertising from happy clients is the best kind advertising we can get. Refernces are avilble upon request.


Q:  What is this new auction site thing the Military Collectibles Shop is doing?

A:  We are working on creating our own on-line auction house. Many times we get in such unique or unusual items that they are hard for us to determine a price and be able to market through our current channels.  Selling these items in an auction style format will allow us to let the market determine the price without having to deal with the restrictions of other online auction venues. We are planning to launch two auctions a year in fall and spring to start.  Please check back for more information coming soon.

Q: How do you guys know what you are selling is authentic? Do you guarantee it?

A: We have been collecting and dealing in this business for many years and have invested a lot of time and money into researching the items that we sell.  We have a library of over 3000 reference books, and are active members of several collector groups that serve as a resource for us. We guarantee everything we sell to be authentic period items.  . With our 100% happiness guarantee if you are unhappy for any reason, we will gladly take the item back.  Our philosophy is simple; if it is a good item we can easily sell it again, and if the item turns out to be no good it is not something we would want to sell in the first place. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated!

Q: How can you guys sell U.S. medals like the Purple Heart? I thought that was Illegal.

A: The only medal that is actually illegal under federal law to sell barter or trade is the Congressional Medal of Honor. While we do believe that it is best that medals stay in the family, the sad truth is that many times, medals and grouping like the Purple Heart have no family left to inherit it, or worse family members that just don’t care about them. We care.  We as collectors cherish these medals and what they represent. We make sure that the memory of these brave men & women live on. We do extensive (and sometimes expensive) research to be able to fully share their story.  The fact is that in 50 or 100 years, no one will know who we were, but because of the work that we have done in documenting these medals the stories and deeds of these service members will be remembered and their names will live on.

Q: You guys sell Nazi items, isn’t that Illegal? What do people do with that stuff?

A: We live in the United States and while some other countries have laws prohibiting the sale of these kinds of items, thankfully we still have that freedom.  We certainly do not condone or support any of the political ideologies of the fascists, communists or any other extreemist hate group. These items represent the war trophies taken by the victor from a defeated foe.  Many of our customers are teachers who use these items to teach their classes about WWII and the Holocaust.  We have done educational displays ourselves for schools and churches on various historical topics as well as Holocaust education.  As Dwight D. Eisenhower said “You cannot erase a nation’s faults merely by erasing the evidence that the ever existed.”   We believe that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Never forget. Never again.